Rock Cafe

From Chicago to LA, Don't miss the Rock Cafe

Dream big, work hard!
Dawn Welch
Rock Cafe prides in using the original grill in our kitchen from 1939. In 70+ years, Betsy the grill has seared over 5 million burgers and as many chicken fry's and other blue plate specials.

She is one of the first known Wolfe grills and stretching at just under 4 feet long and 2 feet wide, its her weight and construction that makes her unique. Weighing at over 200 pounds and made of the highest grade stainless steel, she is vertually indestructible.

Betsy survived the devastating Rock Cafe fire that left only her and the four rock walls remaining. When asked what is the favorite food at the Rock Cafe, we like to say anything that comes off of Betsy. The care took in construction of her surface and the years of seasoning treats us all to special food experience.
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